Jumping Split Squat

Balance, explosion, weight transfer, speed, power... This exercise has it all!

Jumping Split Squat

Primary Muscles Used

Twisting Row Muscles Used

Jumping Split Squat Instructions

  • Find a open space with plenty of room so not to trip on something or hit something.
  • Before performing this exercise make sure you are able to perform a stabilized split squat.
  1. Stand up straight and put all of your weight on one leg.
  2. Slowly hip hinge forward, bend the leg that you are balancing on, and stick the other leg out behind you, using your arms to balance yourself.
  3. Go as low as you can go while maintaining your balance.
  4. Explode up as fast as you can by straightening your leg and driving through your glute.
  5. Swing your arms increasing your upward momentum.
  6. Land evenly on both legs.
  7. Switch legs.
  8. Repeat.
Golf Fitness Exercise

Tim's list of benefits for the Jumping Split Squat

  • This exercise increases explosive power.
  • This exercise helps increase your balance.

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