Lateral Push Off Drive Back

The lateral push off drive back is an exercise that focuses on shifting your weight and then driving up with your lead leg.  This is a very odd exercise that shows great results.

Lateral Push Off Drive Back

Primary Muscles Used

Twisting Row Muscles Used

Lateral Push Off Drive Back Instructions

  • Find a location where you have plenty of room to move around without risk of hitting something or tripping on something.
  1. Stand up straight, tighten your stomach and then slightly hip hinge forward, in-between a 7 iron stance and standing up straight.
  2. Start with a little more weight on your trail leg, around 60 percent.
  3. Jump laterally towards your lead leg by pushing as hard as you can.
  4. Right as your lead leg hits the ground push up and back with your lead leg, stopping your lateral momentum and transferring it to backward motion.
  5. Walk back to starting position and repeat.
  6. After you have completed the number of reps desired, switch sides and push away from your lead leg.
  • Even though it may seem strange to perform this in both directions, it is important to create balance in all your movements.
Golf Fitness Exercise

Tim's list of benefits for the Lateral Push Off Drive Back

  • This exercise helps with speed and mobility.
  • This is a great exercise for weight transfer.

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