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The groundwork of all happiness is good health.Leigh Hunt

Green Physique was created when Tim Shevlin opened up the Matlacha Wellness Center in 2015 in south Florida.

The idea behind the name was simple, get your body healthy in a natural, healthy way.  Since then, it has grown into something truly amazing.

Before opening the Matlacha Wellness Center, Tim owned a gym on Sanibel Island.  At the Sanibel Health Club the focus was simple, look good no matter the cost.  After helping a lot of people look better, Tim began noticing that he enjoyed when people felt better a lot more than when they looked better.  Sure, someone losing 50 pounds is a big deal and impacts their health but when someone says they can tie their shoes for the first time in five years, the reward is so much greater, there was true joy in those members faces.

As Tim got more into taking care of his own body, his clients reaped the same benefit.  Studying more than ever Tim became an expert on living a clean and healthy life.  He learned that you could maintain a great physique, while feeling your best, body, mind, and spirit.  So began the Matlacha Wellness Center.

From there his passion for helping others live a healthier life only increased, and so Green Physique came to life.

Our mission is simple: teach you to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. We aim to achieve this goal by providing residents and visitors to the Atlanta area with access to exercise and meditation facilities, healthy nutrition information, and principles that encourage positive mindset and positive habits.  We help our clients in person, online, or using a combination of both.

Meet Our Team

Tim Shevlin

Tim Shevlin

David Frank

david frank

About Us

At The Green Physique, we take a natural and holistic approach to health.

It is our mission to teach you how to truly live a healthier and happier life.

We specialize in personal training, TPI golf fitness, arthritis relief, post physical therapy rehabilitation, life coaching, anti-inflammatory eating, natural pain management, mindfulness, mental health counseling, nutrition, and complete body health.

Most of our services are on a private or semi-private basis, taking away any feeling of intimidation or discomfort. That also allows for our clients to get the most out of their time here and maximize their results.

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