Who mixes garlic and honey, and why right?

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During cold and Flu season I take a spoonful a day of my garlic and honey remedy. If I am not feeling well, I take a spoonful every 2-4 hours as needed. On a side note, it’s perfectly okay to take everyday as a natural dietary supplement.

There’s sooooo many natural ways to help boost the immune system and heal the body at our fingertips! Over the years, I’ve been reading and studying all the holistic ways to take care of myself and my family, and doing the best that I can to avoid-avoidable health problems !!!!

Garlic Peaks at 15 Minutes

Garlic’s nutritional benefits activates its’ peak potency at about 15 minutes after chopping it up. Who would have known, right? Walk away from garlic, grab your 4 ounce mason jar  and fill with just enough honey to cover the amount of chopped garlic (the above picture has a little too much honey for my liking). Once garlic is activated, submerge garlic into honey, making sure that all garlic is completely submerged, mix it up a little. Feel free to add more honey to cover garlic.Garlic and Honey Remedy

Leave on counter so it can ferment and become even more nutritional for you!!! Fermented foods produce a living bacteria which is crucial for a happy,  healthy GUT !!! Your tummy controls more than you realize.

Honey and Garlic are both antioxidant, antiviral, antimicrobial. Healthy chemicals that help boost your immune system and help prevent illness.

Plants and produce are medicinal and we tend to forget where we came from before modern medicine. (Thankful for modern meds., but I’ll be as holistic as possible)

It’s in my medicine cabinet for my go to cold and flu season remedy !

Helps prevent and protect against mucus build up, Alzheimer’s, dementia, acute respiratory infections, asthma, tummy ulcers, indigestion, digestive problems, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, fungal fungus, cough suppressant and more !!!

Written by Chelsey Matheson.

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