Mental Focus Stress Reduction

Personal Fitness Training for Catholic Men
"Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more".Mother Theresa

Reduce Stress and Live Better!

Tim's Mental Focus Stress Reduction is the practice of living in the present moment.  Most stress and anxiety comes from worries about the future and regrets from the past.  Very rarely does stress and anxiety come from the present moment.  The goal of practicing Mental Focus Stress Reduction is to become mindful throughout the day.  As you become more mindful, your stress and anxiety will decrease, and your effectiveness with everything that you do will increase.

Tim Shevlin is a certified MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) instructor, and while his mental focus class is similar to MBSR he has modified it to make it safe and effective for all people and all religions.

Class Schedule

Tim holds live zoom classes every week at different times.  The schedule of those classes are posted here.  But the benefit of using zoom is that all the classes are recorded (only Tim is ever shown or heard on the video for complete privacy) and you can watch them any time and as often as you like.

Benefits of Mental Focus Stress Reduction Practice

  • Better Decision Making:  Quite often, poor decision making is the result of a lack of mindful behavior.  Mental focus stress reduction classes will help you improve your decision-making by training you to think through each step of your day.
  • Improved Self-Esteem: The result of poor decisions can be low self-esteem.  Our classes will help break this negative cycle in your life.
  • Less Negative Judgment and Anger: One of the first things we teach in mental focus stress reduction classes is the ability to let go of negative emotions and anger.  By releasing our negative emotions, we release our urge to judge others, too, which allows for more positive energy in our daily lives.
  • Increased Ability to Relax: Once that anger has been released, you will notice an increased ability to relax and calm your mind.
  • Greater Energy and Enthusiasm: Increased ability to relax, in turn, results in higher energy levels and the ability to get more done during the average day.  Of course, this will lead to a heightened sense of accomplishment.
  • Better Sleep, Mood and Energy levels: Living in the present moment will also help improve your sleep, and in turn, your mood.
  • Reduced Pain Levels: As your journey into mental focus evolves, you will learn some more advanced techniques, like moderating your own pain levels through your own mind.
  • Enhanced Ability to Cope with Pain: By thinking through the root causes of pain, quite often we can use mental focus to train our bodies to cope better with pain.
  • Improved Relationships: Lack of mindful behavior quite often impacts those in our lives very negatively. Those closest to us take the brunt of the negativity and thoughtless behavior that results. Mental focus stress reduction will help you break this cycle and improve your personal relationships dramatically.
  • Improved Coping Skills: Along with all the other benefits, our classes will also train you to react better to adversity and cope with loss more readily.
  • Better Relationship with God: God is with us in the present moment.  Live in the present and increase your relationship with God.

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