Tim is awesome! I never have to guess anything, he gives me my plan and I follow it. That's it.

Scott K

weight loss Cape Coral Florida
Lost 40 pounds gained 25 pounds of muscle.

Tim saved my life.  My life is no longer on a downhill slide to years of sickness and failing health...I feel i'm in the best shape of my life and there's nothing holding me back!

Tom K

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weight loss Cape Coral Florida
Lost 105 pounds

Losing the weight was only a small piece of the puzzle for me, I gained so much knowledge and strength from training with Tim, both mentally and physically.  I can now do things I never thought were possble for me.

Jane S

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Weight Loss Fort Myers
Lost 127 pounds

When I started working out with Tim I was at an all-time low.  I lacked self-confidence and had tons of self-doubt.  Tim helped me to not only change my body, but more importantly to change my mindset.  I now have a whole new outlook on life.

Yvette B

Weight Loss Pine Island
Lost 75 pounds

My Journey to wellness began when I walked into the Green Physique.  I escaped from the "old" me and found a new and improved version.  Tim helped me to find a balance that I can maintain not just for a few months or years...but for a lifetime.

Margaret J

Weight Loss Cape Coral
Lost 85 Pounds

I learned what I am truly capable of when I started training with Tim.  One life-changing thing that I learned from him is that weight loss is not just about a number on a scale, it is how you feel.  And I now feel amazing!

Jennifer T

Nutritionist Cape Coral
Lost 165 pounds

I've been over weight as long as I can remember, feeling insecure and getting picked on was my average day.  Now I am confident in myself and the way that I look.

Kate R

Lost 92 pounds

No matter how hard I tried, I could never lose any weight, in addition my energy level was always low.  Doctors wanted to put me on medication, instead of medicine, Tim found out I had mineral deficiencies, I changed my diet in a way that corrected those deficiencies.  That and training got me to where I have always wanted to be, fit and full of energy.

Susan P

Personal Trainer Estero
Lost 57 pounds

Exercise Therapy Success Story

I hired Tim Shevlin at Green Physique to assist me after a horrible accident and two serious surgeries. We’ve been working on my rehabilitation for about one year and have made major strides in that time.

My range of motion in my knee has improved from 116 degrees to 130 degrees; while my ankle has gone from -7 degrees to +11 degrees.  When I first arrived in Pine Island I was religiously using a walker!  I am now able to walk without the aid of a cane.

Not only are my results encouraging, but he teaches you how to become self-sufficient in the long run. He is a great resource for all types of wellness issues; i.e., nutrition, supplements, etc. He goes at a pace that is right for you continuously evaluating progress. He is creative in using apparatus around one's home to assist in the exercises so you don't have to invest a substantial amount in equipment.

Tim does research and looks at new information all the time to meet my ongoing needs.  If you want a full service expert who is personable, informative, encouraging and gets results at great value, I would highly recommend Tim and the Green Physique.

Holly K

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