David Frank

David Frank

David Frank is a native of Dunwoody, GA. David has 3 siblings and two adopted siblings from Peru.

David Frank started his sports career at age 2 on the tennis court.  And while going through school he played virtually all the big sports, excelling in baseball, basketball, and football.  When David was 13 he found his true passion on the golf course.

For the last 11 years he has devoted all of his time honing his craft, with aspirations of becoming a pro golfer on the PGA.  As David was rising in the amateur circuit, a friend of his asked David to caddy for him.  On that day he found a greater passion for coaching! And while David still plays competitively, he has put more effort into coaching than his own game.  David brings that passion and love of coaching the game to every program that he creates and every client that he works with.

David was taught correctly from a young age, and because of that he understands the foundations of the game better than most.  From a solid foundation, he then can build into the more intricate parts of the game and the swing.

David works with beginners,  high handicappers, low handicappers, and everyone else that we missed.  He is an all around fantastic coach.

"My goal is not only help your golf game but help you become a better person and understand your life and your game in a whole new way!"

Lowest Round: 66

Favorite Food:Cereal, bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, and Philly cheese steaks.

Favorite Animals:birds, dogs, cats, dogs, horses.

Favorite Quote: There is no problem, only destiny being revealed.
A diamond cannot be polished without friction nor a man without trials.

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