At Home Golf Exercises

At Home Golf Fitness Exercises
"A golfer has to train his swing on the practice tee, then trust it on the course."Dr. Bob Rotella

High to Low Torso Chop

The high to low upper body torso chop will help you with the speed and control of your downswing.

  1. Anchor either the TRX Rip Trainer or exercise band at a high position, at least head height but preferably a little higher then head height.
  2. Step away from the anchor position to create some resistance.
  3. Position your feet in a 7 iron stance so your toes are in line with the anchor position.
  4. Extend your arms out so they are straight and elbows are locked.
  5. Slightly angle your shoulders so they are directly pointing at the anchor position.
  6. Rotate your upper body in a downward chopping motion, keeping your arms directly in front of your torso.
  7. Make sure you keep your stomach tight and glutes engaged during the exercise.
  8. Perform 2 sets of 12 repetitions of the exercise on both sides, rotating in both directions.
Upper Body Torso Rotation

Using The TRX Rip Trainer

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