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Golf Fitness Exercises
"Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character."Arnold Palmer

Hip Hinge Deadlift

A proper hip hinge helps your swing in many ways, it allows you to stay down on the ball and not release too early.  This is an exercise you can literally do anywhere and it works your hip hinge, hamstrings, and glute engagement.

  1. Grab a golf club, dowel, broomstick, or anything like that.
  2. Grab you club shaft about shoulder width apart, with the club resting on you thighs.
  3. Stand up straight with your stomach tight, slight arch in your lower back, shoulders back, and glutes engaged.
  4. While keeping an arch in your lower back, slide your club down your thighs until the club hits your knees.
  5. Stand up straight, engaging your glutes fully, and thrusting your hips forward.
  6. Pause and repeat.
  7. Perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions of this exercise.
Hip Hinge Deadlift

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