At Home Golf Exercises

At Home Golf Exercises
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Twisting One Arm Row

The twisting one arm row is a great exercise to increase your mobility in your upper body, work on disassociation between your upper and lower body, strengthen your lats and obliques.  It is one of the most versatile exercises that we will do.

  1. Anchor the exercise band at chest height.
  2. Step away from the anchor position to create a little bit of resistance.
  3. Position your feet in a 7 iron stance so your body is facing the anchor.
  4. Grab the exercise band in one hand with a lose grip.
  5. Extend the arm holding the exercise band out, rotating the body, and feeling the stretch.
  6. Slowly pull the exercise band back to you while you twist and extend your free hand out towards the anchor.
  7. Make sure you are engaging your glutes and core during this exercise.
  8. Perform 2 sets of 12 repetitions of this exercise with both hands.
Upper Body Torso Rotation One Arm Row

Right Arm Row

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