Assisted Pull Up

The assisted pull up machine is a great way to perform pull ups if you can not do them yet, it is also a great way to get some extra reps if you can already do a few but want to get more sets or reps out of your workout.  This assisted pull up machine is made by Star Trac, but no matter what brand you are using, this description will work as they all work very similarly.

Hammer Strength Assisted Pull Up

Primary Muscles Used

Muscles Used in Exercise

Assisted Pull Up Instructions

  • Performing the assisted pull up machine activates your upper body muscles while reducing some of your load allowing you to do an exercise you may not have been able to do previously.
  1. Choose an appropriate weight. A heavier weight will make the exercise easier.
  2. Stand in front of the assisted pullup machine, having stepped up on the foot steps.
  3. Grip the handles using an overhand grip that’s slightly wider than your shoulders and kneel on the assistance pad.
  4. Pull your body up so your chin is slightly higher than your hands.
  5. Make sure your chest is pointing slightly upward.
  6. Slowly lower your body down until your arms are straight and shoulders are stretched.
  7. Pulling with the muscles of your back, raise yourself back up until your chin is slightly above your hands.
  8. Return down and repeat.
Assisted Pull Up

Benefits of the Assisted Pull Up

  • A classic pullup involves gripping an overhead bar and using your upper body strength to raise your body until your chin is above the bar. It’s considered to be a difficult exercise for most people, partly because you must overcome gravity to lift your body.  When you perform the Star Trac assisted pull up, you are essentially using a spotter to help you.
  • By slowly reducing the assistance, you will strengthen to the point of being able to do an unassisted pull up.
  • Assisted pull-ups also help to improve your back and arm strength which can assist in other lifts such as deadlifts, barbell rows, lat pulldowns, and dumbbell rows. Assisted pull-ups also help to build core strength and can improve your grip strength.
  • Lifting your bodyweight not only is a great way to build muscle, but it is also a fantastic way to boost your confidence.  Nothing feels quite as good as being able to control your own body weight.
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