Elevated Cable Squat

The elevated cable squat is a great way to perform weighted squats if you only have a cable machine on hand.  Because the cables are slightly forward, you also do not put direct pressure on the spine.  I also find this exercise allows for a much greater range of motion than other types of squats.

Cable Squat

Primary Muscles Used

Cable Squat Muscles Used

Elevated Cable Squat Instructions

  1. Get a platform that will support your weight and the additional weight being lifted.
  2. Set cables to lowest setting and select weight amount.
  3. Stand on platform and grab handles.
  4. Stand up strait and pull your shoulders back.
  5. Tighten your core and keep it tight throughout the entire exercise.
  6. Squat leaning back slightly to keep your center of gravity on your heals.
  7. Stand back up to the straight position squeezing your glutes and your quads.
  8. Repeat.
Dumbbell Chest Press Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Elevated Cable Squat

  • This exercise allows you to go lower with less pressure on the knees than a traditional squat.
  • Because you are slightly leaning back the pressure is taken off the knee joint.
  • Because you are holding the handles the elevated cable squat works your entire body, much like the cable deadlift.
  • Since the weight is pulling down and slightly forward you need to rely on balance and stability for this exercise.
  • The elevated cable squat helps strengthen your core.
  • Because of the additional stress you are putting on your body, you will respond by increasing bone density.
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