Life Fitness Abdominal Crunch

The Life Fitness abdominal crunch takes the positioning of a standard crunch and locks you in place with the machine and allows you to add weight.  This keeps your form perfect so you can spend all your energy on strengthening the abdominal muscles and not worrying about your form.

Life Fitness Abdominal Crunch

Primary Muscles Used

Abdominal Crunch Machine Muscles Used

Life Fitness Abdominal Crunch Instructions

  • Start by adding your desired weight to the machine, or just use the machine as is with no additional weight.
  1. Lay down on the machine and put your feet up on the foot rests.
  2. Grasp the handles behind your head firmly.
  3. Follow the machines track and slowly crunch the weight up, trying to pull your chest towards your knees.
  4. After you upper back is off the pad, pause for a second and return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat.
Abdominal Crunch Instruction

Tim's list of benefits for the Life Fitness Abdominal Crunch Machine

  • Having a strong core is very important in having a strong body.
  • This machine keeps your body in line so you avoid risking injury.
  • If you don't like the standard crunch because it aggravates your neck, this is a great option as the Life Fitness abdominal crunch supports your head and neck.
  • If you have lower back pain, strengthening your core can help reduce the pressure on the lower back and spine.
  • Since your lower back is resting on a pad, you drastically reduce the risk of injury to the lower back.
  • The crunch and sit-up are two of the most well known and performed abdominal exercises, this crunch machine will help you do both more effectively.
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