Precor Incline Machine Press

The Precor incline machine press has a very smooth, natural feel about it.  It is a plate loaded machine, so you are feeling direct weight, and yet it is on a lever that allows your arms to move in a smooth pattern.  Like the other machine presses, you don't need a spotter on this one which is a great plus.

Incline Chest Press Machine

Primary Muscles Used

incline machine Press Muscles Used

Incline Machine Press Instructions

  • Set the seat pad so when your hands grip the handles they are even with your upper chest.
  • Sit on the pad with your back firmly pressed against the back rest and grip the handles with and overhand grip.
  1. As always, start by tightening your abdominals.
  2. With an overhand grip slowly press the handles away from your body.
  3. Stop just before your elbows lock.
  4. At that point, pause as you try to squeeze your hands together, this will engage the pec muscles a little more.
  5. Slowly return weight to starting position.
  6. Repeat.
Incline machine press Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Precor Incline Machine Press

  • The Precor incline chest press machine targets the muscles of the upper chest and front delts.
  • The pectoral or chest muscles are important muscles for aesthetics as well as function.
  • Using the incline chest press machine you take out the need for stabilizers, allowing you to use heavier weight than with dumbbells or a barbell.
  • Having a machine that uses free weights allows for you to feel the weight as if it were a free weight, but without the risk.
  • You don't need a spotter with this exercise as if you can not do the weight, you simply bring it back slowly.
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