Precor Seated Leg Press Instructions

  • Sit on the machine with your back resting comfortably against the padded support.
  • Place your feet on the footplate about hip-width apart while ensuring that your heels are flat.
  • Your butt and lower back should be flat against the seat and back rest.
  • At the starting position your legs should form an angle of about 90 degrees at the knees. If your feet are too high on the plate, it will stress your lower back, too low and it puts unnecessary pressure on your knees. Your knees should be in line with your feet and neither be bowed inward nor outward. As you press, make sure to keep strait alignment throughout the motion.
  1. Grasp the assist handles to provide support and keep your spine and head in position. Brace your abdominal muscles and push the platform away with your heels and forefoot. Your heels should remain flat on the footplate. The front of your foot or toes should never be used exclusively to move the pad forward.
  2. While exhaling, extend your legs and keep your head and back flat against the seat pad.
  3. Extend with slow control rather than with an explosive movement.
  4. Pause at the top of the movement. Don't lock your knees, locking your knees put stress right on the joint and takes it off the muscles.
  5. While inhaling, return the footplate to the starting position by gradually bending the knees. Keep the feet and back flat throughout.
  6. Repeat.

Primary Muscles Used

Muscles Used in Exercise

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