Seated Cable High Row

The seated cable high row is a great exercise for developing the muscles of the upper back.  Performing this exercise in a seated position is a great way to add strength to the standing high row.  Since you take out the need for lower body stabilization you can add strength a little easier.

Seated Cable High Row Exercise

Primary Muscles Used

High Row Muscles Used

Seated Cable High Row Instructions

  • For this exercise attach the handles to the cables and put them at the highest setting.
  • Pull a bench over so you can sit just below the handles.
  1. Sit down on the seat and place your feet in the firmly on the ground.
  2. Grab the handles with a neutral grip, palms facing together.
  3. Lean back slightly.
  4. Let your arms extend out and shoulders stretch forward.
  5. Pull the handles towards the outside of your chest and as you pull it in spread the handles and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  6. Let your arms extend back out.
  7. Repeat.
High Cable Row Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Seated Cable High Row

  • The high row using the cable machine makes it significantly easier to maintain decent form in the last few reps of a workout, because you are seated and do not have to worry about your leg stability.
  • If you are having lower body pain, you can still workout by performing this and other exercises from a seated position.
  • When you are standing your body has to put energy into keeping balance, when you are seated all of your energy can be focused into lifting the weight.  This will allow you to lift heavier weight.
  • The seated cable high row is a great exercise for strengthening the muscles of the upper back, like the rhomboids and traps, these muscles are paramount when it comes to posture.  Performing this and other back exercises can prevent or correct bad posture.
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