Single Arm Lateral Raises

By performing the single arm lateral raise while leaning to the side you are lifting helps you disengage the traps and engage the deltoid muscles.  This is an especially great exercise if you have a tendency to strain your neck when you do standard lateral raises.

Single Arm Lateral Raise

Primary Muscles Used

Muscles Used in Single Arm Leaning Lateral Raise

Single Arm Lateral Raise Instructions

  • Stand up straight holding a dumbbell in one hand and a secured grip in another, like a pole.
  1. Keeping your body completely straight, lean your whole body about 20 degrees, holding tightly to the secured object so not to fall.
  2. Let the hand holding the dumbbell hang strait down.
  3. Slowly raise your hand keeping your arm almost completely straight.
  4. Raise your arm up to shoulder height.
  5. Slowly let your arm back down to the starting position.
  6. Repeat.
Lateral Raise

Benefits of the Single Arm Lateral Raise

  • The side lateral raise using dumbbells is a shoulder exercise that specifically targets the deltoid muscles.
  • By only using one arm at a time you can focus on the deltoid muscles specifically instead of using the traps and neck muscles as well.
  • By leaning you increase the range of motion in which the deltoids are engaged.
  • This exercise helps you get the V-taper look by widening your shoulders.
  • Performing this exercise with light weight will focus on rotator cuff muscles.
  • This is a great finishing exercise, allowing you to get any last effort out of your fatigued muscles.
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