Standing Dumbbell Curl

The standing dumbbell curl is a great exercise for building size and strength on your upper arms without locking them in place which can be painful on your elbows and wrist.  Using the dumbbells also allows for each arm to develop evenly, avoiding imbalance.

Standing bicep curl

Primary Muscles Used

Muscles Used in standing dumbbell curl

Standing Dumbbell Curl Instructions

  • Grab your dumbbells and stand up strait, elbows at your side, shoulders pulled back, and palms facing forward.
  1. Squeeze your biceps to lift the weights up towards your chest.
  2. Keep your elbows tight to your side.
  3. At the top position, squeeze your bicep.
  4. Return to start.
  5. Repeat.
Standing Dumbbell Curl

Benefits of the Incline Dumbbell Curl

  • Curls work the biceps muscles at the front of the upper arm, and also the muscles of the lower arm, the brachialis and brachioradialis. You use these muscles anytime you pick something up, which is common throughout daily life.
  • As each arm is holding its own individual dumbbell your biceps are working evenly thus avoiding muscular imbalance.
  • By standing you are using more stabilizer muscles.
  • The dumbbells allow for your arms to move freely, moving with your natural physiology.
  • If you have elbow pain, like golfers elbow or tennis elbow, performing barbel or machine curls, this will allow you to modify your grip and motion slightly to avoid pain and discomfort.
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