Star Trac Lying Hamstring Curl

The Star Trac lying hamstring curl is a great isolation exercise for the hamstrings.  Hamstrings are a muscle that weaken and cramp easily, so make sure to start this exercise slowly, and keep building.

Star Trac Lying Hamstring Curl

Primary Muscles Used

Muscles Used in Lying Leg Curl

Star Trac Lying Hamstring Curl Instructions

  • Lie face down on the leg curl machine, stretching your legs out fully. The roller pad should rest a few inches over your calves, just above the heels.
  1. Grasp the support handles on each side of the machine.
  2. Exhale and flex your knees, pulling your ankles as close to your buttocks as you can and pause.
  3. Remember to keep your hips firmly on the bench.
  4. Inhale as you return your feet to the starting position in a slow and controlled movement.
  5. Repeat.
Star Trac Leg Curl

Benefits of the Star Trac Lying Hamstring Curl

  • Leg curls target the hamstrings. Having strong, flexible hamstrings is important for overall strength, balance, and stamina.
  • Research has also connected hamstring strength with better sports performance, particularly when doing sprint-based training and movements.
  • Strong hamstrings aren't just beneficial in the gym. Conditioning these muscles can also help you avoid injury in day-to-day activities that involve the use of your lower body. This includes playing with kids, completing household chores, doing yard work, and more.
  • Strength and flexibility in this muscle group will also help as your body ages—especially if you are prone to knee problems or have joint or back pain.
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