Torso Rotation & Push

The torso rotation and push is a great full body functional exercise.  Utilizing a bar like the TRX rip trainer bar attached to a cable has become one of my very favorite ways to train.  This exercise works balance, strength, stability, and coordination all while burning a ton of calories.

Torso rotation and push

Primary Muscles Used

Torso rotation and push Muscles Used

Torso Rotation & Push Instructions

  • Attach either a bar attachment or the TRX Rip trainer bar to the cable, and set the cable at shoulder height.
  1. Hold the bar in both hands, shoulder width apart with an overhand grip.  Then step away from the machine at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Starting with your lower body and hips rotate away from the machine.
  3. Tighten your core to force your torso to follow your hips moving away from the machine.
  4. When you are facing opposite the cable machine, press your hands out to full extension.
  5. Bring your arms back so the bar is touching your chest, and return to starting position.
  6. Repeat.
Torso rotation and push Instruction

Tim's list of benefits for the Torso Rotation & Push

  • Torso rotation exercises primarily work out your oblique muscle group, which can add power to rotational motion. Athletes in certain sports, such as shot put or golf, may benefit as the exercises improve the strength of their swing. Additionally, stronger abdominal and back muscles take more pressure off the spine.
  • If you play golf, you need this exercise.  Want to get even better at golf?  Check out what we can do for you by clicking here.
  • The idea behind this exercise is creating three separate transition zones, each one builds momentum and gives it to the next, that is why this exercise is so great for golf and other sports.
  • Because you are using so much of your body in this exercise, you will burn a ton of calories.
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