TRX Split Squat

The TRX split squat is a great exercise for the lower body. If I only could pick one exercise to do for the lower body, this would be the one.  And this has the added benefit and convenience of being able to do this exercise anywhere just using the straps.

TRX Split Squat

Primary Muscles Used

Muscles Used in Exercise split squat

TRX Split Squat Instructions

  • Set TRX anchor to a position about shoulder height, either in a door, around a tree, or a vertical pole.
  1. Grab the handles and take a few steps back so that your arms are totally strait. Bring one leg back so your knee on that leg is slightly behind your butt.
  2. While keeping most of the pressure on your front leg, tighten your core and bring your body strait down, keeping the knee on your front leg even with your ankle throughout the entire movement.
  3. Straiten your front leg to return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat.
TRX Split Squat

Benefits of the TRX Split Squat

  • This is the best lower body exercise there is.  It works every part of your lower body.
  • By forcing your upper body forward, you are putting more focus on the glutes than normal split squats.
  • As you are standing up on one leg, despite holding onto the straps, this requires a lot of balance, working stabilizers and bettering your own balance.
  • TRX cables can travel with you anywhere.
  • As you are doing each leg separately you are developing balance, training each leg one at a time making sure they develop at the same pace.
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