TRX Y Deltoid Fly

When I first saw someone perform the TRX Y deltoid fly, I thought it looked ridiculous and had no idea what it was for.  And then I tried this exercise, boy was I surprised, it is a great shoulder exercise.  The most interesting thing about this exercise is that it works your deltoids the way a shoulder press would.

Primary Muscles Used

TRX deltoid flyTRX Y Deltoid Flye Muscles Used

TRX Y Deltoid Fly Instructions

  • Start by anchoring the TRX Suspension Trainer slightly above head level.  You can have it higher, but this is my ideal position.
  1. Stand upright facing the TRX anchor, keeping feet shoulder width apart, and holding onto the TRX handles with an overhand grip and your arms extended.
  2. Step in closer to the anchor point, so you are now leaning back at around 30-45 degrees.  The more you are leaning back (your feet farther forward) the more difficult the exercise will be.
  3. From this leaned back, straight-bodied position, engage your shoulders and proceed to pull the TRX handles up over your head, forming a Y with your body.
  4. Lead the movement with your hips and keep your arms straight.
  5. Lower yourself back down to the starting position.
  6. Repeat.
TRX Y Deltoid Fly instructions

Tim's list of benefits for the TRX Y Deltoid Fly

  • In todays society so much time is spent in front of your phone or on your computer, these muscles are in a stretched position and you get that hunched over look.  This exercise will help prevent, and correct that problem.
  • With the TRX straps you can perform this exercise anywhere that you have an anchor point.
  • If your shoulders will not allow an overhead shoulder press, this exercise is great for building up strength in the deltoids working you up to performing the overhead press.
  • Strengthening the deltoids help give you the V-taper look, making your waist look smaller.
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