Weighted Full Torso Rotation

Cable Attached Weighted Torso Rotation

Primary Muscles Used

High Row Muscles Used


  • For this exercise set the cable machine at a shoulder height starting point.
  1. Grab the handle with both hands, do not grip the handle how you would your golf club.  Just grab on.
  2. Face away from the machine and extend both your arms out in front of you, elbows strait.
  3. Slowly rotate your body back towards the machine.
  4. While keeping your arms strait, rotate back around towards your starting point, driving with the hips and following through with the torso and arms.
  5. Repeat.
Weighted Torso Rotation Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Weighted Full Torso Rotation

  • By standing you are using a great number of stabilizer muscles.
  • Amazing for correcting your downswing, check out what else we can do to help your golf game by clicking here.
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