Low to High Twist & Press

The Low to High Twist & Press is a great overall power exercise. Talk about a cardio workout, do this for 5 minutes and kiss the treadmill goodbye!

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Primary Muscles Used

Standing Row Muscles Used

Low to High Twist & Press Instructions

  • Use the TRX Rip Trainer and choose a band that is medium-heavy to heavy for you.
  • Anchor at lowest setting.
  1. Grab the RIP Trainer with your hands about shoulder width apart.
  2. Step away so there is good resistance and the bar and band are parallel to your chest.
  3. Bend you knees and let your arms go back stretching towards the anchor point.  Try not to let your back shoulder lean over further than your back foot.
  4. While your arms are still moving back start the upward motion by driving up through your glutes.  A split second after you start exploding up, begin rotating your hips towards the front.
    1. By starting the lower body movement forward while your arms are still moving back, you are creating a whip motion.
  5. Pull with your core and whip your torso around towards the front.
  6. As your hips rotate towards the front, transfer your body weight so your weight is on your lead leg as it is exploding up.
  7. Your hips should be facing forward, as they would look at the end of your golf swing, and at that time press your arms forward an up in an explosive motion.
  8. Return to start and repeat.

Full Speed


Slow Motion

Exercise Band Standing Row Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Low to High Twist & Press

  • Great full body explosive exercise for overall power.
  • This exercise is good at increasing glute usage during your swing.
  • You get better at weight transfer performing this exercise.

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