Overhand Ball Strike

The Overhand Ball Strike is a great overall power exercise.

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Primary Muscles Used

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Overhand Ball Strike Instructions

  • Use the TRX Rip Trainer and choose a band that is heavy for you.
  • Anchor at a high point.
  1. Grab the RIP Trainer pole about shoulder width apart and walk away from the anchor point until you have some good resistance.
  2. Bring your arms back till they are about 45 degrees into your backswing.
    1. As your arms are back, your weight should be just slightly on your back leg.
  3. Start by rotating your hips towards the front as you would in your golf swing.
  4. Start driving your arms forward towards ball strike, while you are driving up with your lead leg using your glutes.
    1. As your driving your hips forward shift your weight so it is on your lead leg as you drive up with your glute.
  5. Continue to about 45 degrees into your swing.
    • Make sure your lead shoulder is coming up as it would in your golf swing.
    • Make sure you are keeping your lead arm completely straight and back arm slightly bent throughout the whole motion.

Full Speed

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Slow Motion

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Tim's list of benefits for the Overhand Ball Strike

  • Great full body explosive exercise for overall power.
  • This exercise really helps with shoulder, hip, and Glute drive.
  • This is an incredible cardiovascular workout.
  • This exercise helps with your body positioning at ball strike.

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