Standing Glute Flex

Glutes are the king of the golf swing.  As we get older we start neglecting our glutes, the standing glute flex will help you to engage those muscles, this is a great exercise to get your glutes firing again, and prepare you for more intense glute exercises.

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Primary Muscles Used

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Standing Glute Flex Instructions

  • Find a raised platform or step so one leg can be firmly down and the other leg can swing freely.
  • Hold on to something firmly to maintain your balance.
  1. Stand up straight with one leg planted firmly and the other hanging off the edge of the step.
  2. Squeeze the glute on the leg that is hanging freely.
  3. Continue squeezing to move your leg backward.
  4. Hold the squeeze for a second.
  5. Relax your glute and let your leg swing back forward.

*Do not push your leg backward, your leg will move by tightening your glute, just squeeze your glute and let your leg move freely.  The better you are able to engage your glutes, the further your leg will swing back.

    Standing Glute Flex

    Tim's list of benefits for the Standing Glute Flex

    • This exercise is designed to get your glutes firing again.
    • You have to get the basics right before you can move on to more challenging exercises.

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