Green Physique Squeeze Ball Workout

The squeeze ball targets muscles in the wrist, fingers, and thumb flexors. The rhythm of repetitive movement can increase grip strength, improving overall fine and gross motor skills.

Practicing simple exercises with a stress ball can help reduce the risk of injury, increase flexibility and build strength in your wrist, hand and finger muscles. It can also be effective for improving performance for daily tasks or sports and rehabilitation of hands and fingers.

For example a study published by the nonprofit group Arthritis Institute of America found that squeezing a stress ball improved grip strength and relieved pain in adults with hand osteoarthritis (the most common type of arthritis).

You can do this practically anywhere – while working, at home while watching TV, or even in the car.

So throw one in your car and use 2-3 time a week!!

There are many ways to effectively use a Squeeze ball. Here are a few.

Squeeze Ball Workout
Squeeze Ball Workout Video

Various Squeeze Ball Workout Options

Basic: Squeeze and hold tight for 3-5 seconds Repeat 2-3 times. Repeat with other hand.

Intermediate: Squeeze Ball 15-20 times with each hand. Repeat 2-3 times

Advanced: Squeeze with Finger Tips 10-20x each hand. Repeat 2-3 times

Always consult your physician before engaging in new fitness plan.

Especially if have any significant finger, hand , wrist or elbow issues.

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