If you live or work in Fort Myers and want to improve your overall fitness, build muscle, lose weight, rehab after an injury, or simply learn to de-stress, the Green Physique team can help you live your best possible life.

Wellness Center in Fort MyersTim Shevlin, the owner and primary personal trainer at the Green Physique, is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Exercise Therapist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group Facilitator, and a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor.

After successfully recovering from his own personal injuries and health challenges, Tim brings his life-long passion for nutrition and exercise to work with him every day. He and his world-class team of dedicated and professional practitioners provide a variety of holistic solutions that will guide you on your journey to wellness.

What is a Wellness Center?

Wellness centers, such as Green Physique, take a holistic, or whole person, approach to health and healing. We offer services for both mind and body, and believe that a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit will promote happiness and balance in your life.

Our approach is comprehensive and nutrition-based, with an emphasis on healthy eating, regular exercise, meditation, relaxation, and maintaining a positive outlook.

Whether you are interested in personal training, better nutrition, massage therapy, post-rehab physical therapy, yoga, arthritis relief, anti-inflammatory eating, natural pain management, mindfulness classes, or stress reduction, Green Physique can help you reconnect with the simple pleasures of life.

Why Choose Us?

Green Physique clients may benefit from one of our services or a combination of therapies. We work with you individually and/or in groups, enabling you to attain and maintain optimum health and wellness in a setting that is most comfortable for you.

Personal Training: Always done in a private one-on-one setting, our personal training sessions are tailored to fit your specific needs and goals (weight loss, sports training, etc.).  Our trainers are here to motivate and encourage your progress, while never being intimidating or aggressive like other gyms.

Physical Therapy: We believe that helping people recover from injury, surgery, or illness is one of the highest forms of personal training. Our post-rehab physical therapy programs are designed to build strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina, and to restore function.  We have consistently achieved astonishing results with our physical therapy clients.

Nutrition Classes: Nutrition is the biggest piece of achieving a healthy lifestyle, and it’s often the most neglected. At Green Physique, we design customized nutrition plans for each client. When working with medical conditions, such as cancer or diabetes, we always collaborate with your physician when formulating your nutrition plan.

Mindfulness Classes: Mindfulness teaches us to use our natural mental facilities of attention and intention to improve our lives.  Our mindfulness classes can help you improve your decision-making skills, improve your self-esteem, help you relax and calm your mind, improve your sleep, help you cope with pain, and help you boost your energy levels.

Within minutes of Fort Myers, the Green Physique offers a holistic approach to health and wellness that can help you cope with the demands of everyday life. Call us at (470) 604-0038 or check out our online services!