Complete Online Exercise Program

Complete Online Exercise Program

Whether you want to build a toned and athletic body, become better at a sport, aspire to get into bodybuilding, or just want to feel stronger for your daily needs, Tim can create a program that is specifically designed to get you the best results possible. 

Our complete online exercise program is for everyone, men, women, children, or seniors, your goals will be taken on a one-on-one basis and you will get the perfect program for your needs.

The complete online exercise program is perfect for any fitness level, from runners and seasoned athletes, to beginners who have never worked out at all.  

These programs are completely customized for your training location, meaning you can complete your strength training program at your local gym, at the park, or even at home.  No matter where you choose to workout, you will not be required to buy lots of equipment, all workout programs can be created with the stuff you already have at your disposal.  In some instances you may want to get a set of exercise bands, but that is not even required. 

As your personal exercise coach  with certifications in Fitness, Exercise Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, and Senior Fitness, he will design a training program that is customized to your very specific needs.  Tim will do everything he can to understand your specific goals and will create a program that will help you achieve those goals.  

Each week you will be able to track your workouts, this will help you see your progress, and will also allow your personal fitness coach to make adjustments as they are needed.  There is no sense spinning your wheels, doing the same thing week after week.  Tim will make sure that you keep making progress, by changing your program and keeping your body challenged.

What you'll get with your online exercise program:
  • An exercise and strength building plan customized to you.
  • Constant support from your online exercise program specialist Tim.
  • Videos showing you the correct form for every exercise you are performing.
  • An online tracker - you will be able to track all of your progress via the Matlacha Wellness Performance Tracker.
  • Nutritional guidance - This program includes basic nutritional information, making sure you know nutrition basics while you are exercising.
  • Weekly and monthly reviews - you will go over your online exercise program and your progress with Tim.
  • A personalized workout calandar - you will know what days to workout and what to do on those days.
  • Body composition tracking - an easy way to keep track of your progress.
  • Access to our members only video library.
What you can expect form the Complete Online Exercise Program

After you pay for your program you will be taken to the intake form.  From there you can fill it out at your leisure.  Once completed, the real work begins.  Tim will contact you to schedule an appointment for your intake consultation.  During that time, Tim will get a feel for your real needs, wants, limitations, etc.  He will then create a custom workout program for you.  This program will be:

  • Built around your schedule.
  • Focuses on exercises that you find appealing.
  • Avoid any exercises that may risk injury or worsen existing conditions.
  • Follow a timeline that will help you reach your goals in a timely fashion.

What are you waiting for, the time is now to change your life!  

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$150 per month