Complete Online Nutrition Program

Online Nutritionist Weight Loss

Our complete online nutrition program was created for anyone who is looking for a healthy and comprehensive diet plan, that will assist them in weight loss and/or general fitness. 

This service starts with our in-depth intake form.  After that has been submitted, a custom nutritional stratagy will be created.  You will then have an in person or phone consultation with Tim Shevlin.  After the consultation, Tim will customize a nutritional program for you.  

You will have weekly follow-ups for the complete time that you are working with your online nutrition coach.  

There will be periodic adjustments to the nutritional stratagy, as your program moves forward you will likely find parts of the program that work a little better than others or are a little bit more your speed.  We will move in that direction with the adjustments making your program more effective.  

Throughout your program, you will have access to our online health tracker, and constant support from your online nutrition coach.  The cost is $150 per month and you may cancel at any time. 

With over 20 years of experience and multiple degrees and certifications, Tim guarantees you will achieve the results that you desire.  

What's included:

  • Starting nutritional intake form and phone or in-person consultation.  Tim uses this time to learn about you so he can create a custom plan just for you.
  • A custom menu will be created so you have options and see what to eat, and when to eat it.
  • Nutrition plan revisions will be created as needed, as your body begins to change, we will be updating your program to keep your progress moving in the right direction.
  • Availability to talk to your nutrition expert whenever you need to.  If you have a question about part of your program or nutrition in general, we have the answer.
  • Personalized online tracking program to keep track of your results.
  • 24/7 access to your online nutritionist via text or email.
  • Body fat tracking.
  • Healthy recipes based on your likes.

Once your intake is complete you will be able to set up a time for your consultation with Tim.  Then the process will really get rolling.  In this program you won't have any guesswork, all of the work has been done for you.  You will feel your best, and your results are guaranteed.

Do you need a little push?  Check out some of our success stories.  Is your story the next great success?

$150 per month