Coronavirus Safety

Our Procedures:

  1. Wiping down equipment and mats with sanitizing wipes and/or 71% alcohol after every use.
  2. All staff have their temperature taken before starting a shift, if their temperature is elevated they will leave the Wellness Center immediately and take further action by getting tested and remaining in isolation until they are informed of results.
  3. Staff will wash their hands in between each client and using alcohol based wipes, wipe down anything that was touched or used during a session.
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing our restrooms every hour on the hour.
  5. Hand sanitizer is being made available for regular use upon entering and leaving both facilities.
  6. Sanitizing our door handles, as well as our desk-tops and all touch areas is a daily priority as well.
  7. Masks and gloves are available for use by all staff members upon customer request.
  8. Doors and windows will be open for a minimum of 3 hours each day to help circulate the salt air though the Wellness Center, keeping our air clean, fresh, and germ free.

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