Cable Deadlift

There is no better way to do deadlifts.  Unlike traditional deadlifts, the cable deadlift elongates the spine instead of compressing it.  For this demonstration we used the FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross, but you can use any cable machine that allows for the pulley to start at ground level.

Cable Deadlifts on Freemotion

Primary Muscles Used

High Row Muscles Used

Cable Deadlift Instructions

  • Put the cable position at the lowest setting and grab the handles with an overhand grip. If you are pulling from a single pulley position, attach two handles to it or a bar.
  1. Grab the handles with an overhand grip and step back a few feet away from the machine.
  2. Pull your shoulders back and stand up strait.
  3. Tighten your core and keep your core tight throughout the motion.
  4. Lean forward as far as you feel comfortable, naturally shifting your weight by pushing your butt back so you do not fall forward.
  5. Allow your back and shoulders to stretch towards the machine.
  6. Slowly stand back up, slightly arch your back, and pull your shoulders back so you are at the starting postition.
  7. Repeat.
    Freemotion Cable Deadlift Demonstration

    Tim's list of benefits for the Freemotion Cable Deadlift

    • Unlike traditional deadlifts that put all the pressure straight down, compressing the spine, the cable deadlift offsets the pressure so you are keeping constant tension on the muscles and actually elongating the spine instead of compressing it.
    • Cable deadlifts are one of the few exercises where you are working almost your whole body at one time, this maximizes calorie burn and increases your metabolism.
    • If you pick one exercise that works the most number of muscles at one time, it is the cable deadlift.
    • Because the cables are pulling you forward, this exercise works your balance.
    • Putting this amount of good stress on your body, you naturally respond by producing more testosterone (in men) and growth hormone.
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