Cable Incline Chest Press

I firmly believe that the FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross is the most versatile piece of equipment ever made, and while I am performing the cable incline chest press on the FreeMotion, you can use any piece of cable equipment that has close cables to do this exercise.  Using the bench for stabilization you are able to go heavy and still have the flexibility of the cables.

Incline Cable Chest Press

Primary Muscles Used

Cable Chest Press Muscles Used

Cable Incline Chest Press Instructions

  • Put the arms in the second to lowest setting and out one setting wider than strait forward.
  • Bring a incline bench over and set it up so your upper chest is right above the cable pulleys.
  1. Grab the handles and bring them up even with your upper chest.
  2. Take an overhand grip, tighten your stomach, and push your lower back into the bench.
  3. Press the handles strait up and as they get close to the top of the movement bring your hands together and squeeze your chest.  Be careful to press strait up and not forward, your hands should finish directly above your upper chest.
  4. Slowly bring them back down to the starting position.
  5. Repeat.
Cable Chest Press Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Cable Incline Chest Press

  • Using cables for the incline chest press on the FreeMotion dual cable cross targets the muscles of the upper chest and front delts.
  • By using the bench you take out the need to support your body with your legs, allowing you to maximize your efforts on your upper body.
  • Focusing on your upper chest you strengthen your shoulders as well which helps support your shoulders and keep good posture.
  • Using the cables increases your use of stabilizer muscles.
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