FreeMotion Decline Cable Flyes

FreeMotion Decline Cable Flyes are a great warmup exercise as well as a great finishing movement.  Really you can benefit from cable flyes anytime you really want to focus on contracting and isolating the pecs.

Behind The Neck Shoulder Press

Primary Muscles Used

Chest Flyes Muscles Used

FreeMotion Decline Cable Flyes

  • Pick a weight that feels comfortable, not heavy.  Isolation exercises are meant to focus on the squeeze, not on the overall weight.
  • Set the FreeMotion arms all the way out as wide as they can go and on the highest setting.
  1. Grab a handle in each hand and stand directly in the middle of the machine.
  2. Raise your elbows and hands up and step forward slightly.
  3. Let your hands stretch back and up as far as they can comfortably go, letting your chest stretch.
  4. Slowly bring your hands together in front of you, in a downward angle, keeping your elbows up and slightly bent.  You want to keep your hands and forearms in direct line with the cables.
    1. Think of hugging a tree.
  5. When your hands touch squeeze your chest.
  6. Slowly return to the starting position.
  7. Repeat.
Cable Chest flyes

Tim's list of benefits for the FreeMotion Decline Chest Flyes

  • Standing you must really engage your core, working your lower back and abdominals.
  • Cable Chest Flyes are great for adding a little extra squeeze into any exercise.  Try supersetting this exercise with a heavy press.
  • If you have any injury, this exercise is a great way to continue working the pecs and avoid atrophy.
  • The FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross is the most versatile machine, and you can do just about any exercise on it.
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