Precor Abdominal Crunch

Generally I don't love a just move your upper torso abdominal crunch, but I actually really like the Precor abdominal crunch machine.  Let me tell you why, the motion of the machine just works, when you sit down the handles and shoulder pads slide down to meet you, that way there is no issue with finding the proper pivot point.  This is a great machine for strengthening the core.

Precor Crunch Machine

Primary Muscles Used

Abdominal Crunch Machine Muscles Used

Precor Abdominal Crunch Instructions

  • Select a comfortable weight and sit on the machine.
  1. Grasp the handles and gently pull down until the pads are resting gently on your shoulders.
  2. Keep your butt and legs tight to the machine.
  3. Slowly crunch your chest towards your knees.
  4. The tighter that you keep your core, the more your abdominals will engage.
    1. if you are feeling your lower back push, you are either doing it wrong, or your abdominals are fatigued.
  5. Return to start.
  6. Repeat.
Abdominal Crunch Instruction

Tim's list of benefits for the Precor Abdominal Crunch Machine

  • Having a strong core is paramount in having a strong body.
  • This machine keeps your body in line so you avoid risking injury.
  • If you haven't done many abdominal exercises this is a great one to start with, the machine will keep you in proper form so you know you are moving properly.  It is up to you to tighten the core and engage the abdominal muscles.
  • If you have lower back pain, strengthening your core can help reduce the pressure on the lower back and spine.
  • Having a strong core will help in daily life activities of every kind, from getting up from bed, to picking something up.
  • Because the shoulder pads come down to meet you, the pivot point on the Precor abdominal crunch machine is always in the right spot, making this one of the best machines for working the abdominals.
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