Precor Chest Press Machine

The Precor Chest Press is one of those exercise that almost everyone should have in their arsenal of exercises.  This compound exercise is a great way to warm up the chest, triceps, and shoulders and it is also a great way to go heavy and really push a couple extra reps out.  As this machine is on a set track, you don't have to worry about form, so long as your lower back is pressed against the pad and your shoulders stay even, press away.

Precor Chest Press Machine

Primary Muscles Used

Precor Chest Press Muscles Used

Precor Chest Press Instructions

  • Set the seat height so when you sit down the upper handles are just above the center of your chest.
  • Set the back rest so when you sit down and grab the handles there is a mild stretch in your chest.
  1. Sit down, press your lower back into the back rest and grab the handles with an overhand grip.
  2. Raise your elbows up so they are just slightly lower than your shoulders.
  3. Slowly press the weight forward, focusing on pushing with the muscles of your chest, not your shoulders and triceps.
    1. Pressing with your chest will take some effort and a little time, but the more you focus on that mind muscle connection, the better.
  4. Stop when your arms are straight, do not lock your elbows, as you pause at the top of this lift, squeeze your hands together slightly, this will help engage the muscles of your chest.
  5. Slowly return the weight back to the starting position, stopping just before the weights rest on the stack.
  6. Repeat.
Precor Chest Press instructions

Tim's list of benefits for the Precor Chest Press Machine

  • If your elbows are anything like mine, they need to be warmed up for a while before I start lifting heavy or they hurt.  The Precor chest press is a great exercise for doing just that.  I can knock out a bunch of sets without having to worry about form, and slowly increasing the weight just by moving the pin on the weight stack.
  • As your back is pressed against the pad, you have additional support, you can do this exercise without worrying about putting pressure on your lower back.
  • This is a great exercise for trying to burn out at the end of your workout.
  • The hardest part of this exercise is getting started, so asking for a spot to get you started will allow you to go heavier.
  • Make sure you keep your shoulders stay down during this entire lift.
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