Precor Leg Extension

The Precor leg extension is an exercise that everyone can benefit from, it is a great way to begin strengthening your quads if you are new to working out or if you are just coming back from and injury, it is great for really separating the muscles of the quad if you are trying to get big muscles, and it is even great if you are wanting a warmup for a good leg workout.  It does it all, except for work as a compound motion.  This exercise is an isolation exercise and strictly works the quads.

Precor Leg Extension Machine

Primary Muscles Used

Leg Extension Muscles Used

Precor Leg Extension Instructions

  • Set the back pad so when you sit down, about 1/4 of your upper leg is extended past the pad.  To make sure you are in the correct spot, check to see if the hinge of your knee is even with the bolt where the machine pivots.  The bolt is the pivot point of the machine and you want to be in line with it.
  • Adjust the foot pad so it rests just above your ankle on your shins.
  • Bring the leg extension arm as low as far back as it can go comfortably for you.
  1. Sit down, press your lower back into the back rest and grab the handles.
  2. Pull your toes back and up.
  3. Slowly extend your legs up until your legs are straight.
  4. Pause at the top and slowly bring the weight back down.
  5. Repeat.
Precor Leg Extension instructions

Tim's list of benefits for the Precor Leg Extension

  • The mechanics of this machine actually push your knee joint apart, which is not a problem unless you go way too heavy.  Because of those mechanics you are strengthening your knees in a way that will support them.
  • Since you can go very light with this machine, it is a great way to rehabilitate the knee.
  • As this is an isolation exercise it is a great exercise to either warm up the muscle, or finish them off at the end of the workout.
  • Since the Precor leg extension doubles as a leg curl it is a great way to get some supersets in.
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