Precor Outer Thigh Machine

The hip abductor or Precor outer thigh machine works the hip abductor muscles.  These muscles are important for making the tightening the legs, and giving strength, balance, and symmetry to the lower body.

Precor outer Thigh machine

Primary Muscles Used

Precor Outer Thigh Muscles Used

Precor Outer Thigh Instructions

  • Start by putting the leg rests all the way together with the pads facing in, so when you sit down on the Precor outer thigh machine your outer quads are pressed against the pads.
  1. Tighten your stomach and sit up very strait, your lower back should be against the pad, and upper back slightly forward.
  2. Exhale and push the legs apart.
  3. Once your legs are as far open as you can comfortably get them pause and try to squeeze your glutes.
  4. Slowly return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat.
Outer thigh machine instructions

Tim's list of benefits for the Precor Outer Thigh Machine

  • The hip abductors are an important part of your glute muscle group, by strengthening your hip abductors you are helping create a strong base with stability and mobility.
  • Hip abductors, or your outer thigh, are important for keeping your knees in correct alignment, this combined with adductors, or inner thigh, will create balance for your knees.
  • This is a great exercise to strengthen the glutes and other hip stabilizer muscles without having to put pressure directly on the spine or knees.
  • Increasing your core stability through hip exercises will decrease lower back pain.
  • Making sure that your outer thigh and glutes are strong you can help balance.
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