Precor Seated Leg Curl

The Precor leg curl is a great isolation exercise for the hamstrings.  This machine locks you in place and forces you to contract the hamstrings in a controlled fashion.  Hamstrings are often neglected and rarely used during the day so it is very easy to create imbalance if you are not specifically training hamstrings.

Precor Seated Leg Curl

Primary Muscles Used

Precor Leg Curl Muscles Used

Precor Seated Leg Curl Instructions

  • Set the back pad so when you sit down, about 1/4 of your upper leg is extended past the pad.  To make sure you are in the correct spot, check to see if the hinge of your knee is even with the bolt where the machine pivots.  The bolt is the pivot point of the machine and you want to be in line with it.
  • Adjust the foot pad so it rests just above your ankle on your lower calves.
  • Bring the leg curl arm as low as far up as it can go comfortably for you.
  1. Sit down, press your lower back into the back rest and grab the handles.
  2. Slowly push your legs down by curling your hamstrings.
  3. Make sure you can go at least to 90 degrees, but continue and go as far down as you can.
  4. Slowly bring the weight back up.
  5. Repeat.
Precor Leg Curl instructions

Tim's list of benefits for the Precor Seated Leg Curl

  • Hamstrings are very closely tied into lower back and thus effects them, by strengthening your hamstrings you can better support your lower back.
  • Our joints need muscle balance surrounding them, and if you don't train hamstrings you will create quad overdominance, do the Precor leg curl often and you will create balance in your legs keeping your knees healthy.
  • A lot of hamstring exercises require pressure on the lower back, this is one hamstring exercise that does not put pressure on your lower back.
  • Strong hamstrings help create an uplifted butt.
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