Straight Leg Calf Press

Performing a straight leg calf press using a leg press machine is a great way to mimic a donkey calf raise without needing someone to jump on your back.  By being in a seated position your hamstrings stay tighter thus stretching your calves, and allowing more muscle fibers to be activated.

Straight Leg Calf Press

Primary Muscles Used

Muscles Used in calf press Exercise

Straight Leg Calf Press Instructions

  • Position the platform so your legs only have to bend 30 degrees to get into position.
  1. Sit down on the seat rest and straiten your legs.  Get your legs as strait as possible without locking your knees.
  2. Push your toes out as far as they can go and pause at that position.
  3. Let your toes come back until you feel a good stretch in your calves.
  4. Repeat.
Precor Calf Press

Benefits of the Straight Leg Calf Press

  • This exercise works the calf muscles.
  • By using the leg press machine to perform this exercise you do not need to put weight on your spine.
  • Since you are in a seated position you are maximizing the activation of the calves by stretching the calves and hamstrings.
  • Since you are in a locked in position, you don't need to worry as much about your form, you can focus on pressing the weight.
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