If you’ve been searching for an online personal trainer for weight loss, you will find exactly what you need at Green Physique!

Online Personal Trainer for Weight LossOur primary personal trainer is Tim Shevlin, the owner of Green Physique located on beautiful Pine Island, Florida. As a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group Facilitator, and Certified Exercise Therapist, he and his staff will provide you with a variety of holistic personal training solutions that will optimize your health and life by training your whole being.

If you’re looking for a fast and affordable method of transforming your body, an online personal trainer will offer you the weight loss coaching you have always wanted. If you’re tired of going it alone and not getting results, we can help you learn how to exercise properly, eat right, and stay on track.

How it Works

During your personal consultation at Green Physique, the online personal trainer will ask several questions. These will revolve around you telling him/her about your weight loss goals and lifestyle. The trainer will ask about your exercise experience, dietary preferences, allergies, and food intolerances.

Together, you and your personal trainer will design a customized workout and nutrition plan. These will be based on your preferences and goals and will show you exactly what you must do to achieve your weight loss objectives.

As we travel this path together, you will schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly conversations with your personal trainer. But, you can always text or email between calls. Your trainer will help keep you on track for your goals by monitoring and adjusting the plan as needed.

Advantages of Online Personal Training

When you choose a personal trainer at a local gym you have to have a membership and work around that trainer’s availability. There are many benefits to online personal training that will allow you to achieve similar, if not better, results.

  • Never get bored: You will never get stuck doing the same routine over and over again because your trainer will make regular adjustments to your workout regimen.
  • Fits your schedule: Your online personal trainer can cater to your hectic schedule allowing you to plan conversations when the kids take a nap, during your lunch break, or when you settle in for the night.
  • Work out anywhere: While traditional personal training requires a gym membership, online personal training allows you to train at a gym, at home or at the office.

Hiring an online personal trainer for weight loss is an excellent step toward meeting and maintaining your fitness and health goals. You will learn how to eat healthily and confidently for life when you partner with Green Physique. For a free consultation, call us today at (470) 604-0038! Or get started today by going to the online services section.