Perhaps you’ve been thinking that finding a great online wellness coach is a pipe dream. No doubt, there are a number of “coaches” who will take your money without producing results. At Green Physique, we take online wellness coaching very seriously.

Online Wellness CoachMost people are unaware of the fact that hiring an online wellness coach can help them improve and optimize their health by offering personally tailored support. Even if you are reasonably healthy, an online wellness coach can help you manage specific areas of your life including: stress, exercise, and/or nutrition.

Keep in mind that online wellness coaches are not doctors, nor are they meant to replace your regular physician. Your doctor can advise you about the areas of your life that need treatment. Our online wellness coach can then support you in making those changes happen. After all, encouragement and coaching are essential to their jobs.

Choosing the Right Online Wellness Coach

First off, it is important that you choose on online wellness coach who has been certified in his/her field. This should offer you some level of comfort and confidence that your coach knows what he/she is doing. But, certification isn’t the last deciding factor.

Science has proven that we do a better job of sustaining our good behavior when we are the ones who decide how and when to fit it into our lives. Therefore, it’s important to select a wellness coach who lets you do the talking and communicate your goals. Your coach should be focused on your values and strengths. A good one will elicit your ideas for solving any issues you bring up.

Finally, most wellness coaches will not be not covered under your insurance, which makes the cost of your investment worthy of consideration. At Green Physique we understand that this is a serious part of the decision-making process and assure you that we will always work within your budget.

What an Online Wellness Coach Can do for You

We have already noted that our online wellness coaches offer you a combination of resources, support, and guidance. But, there are additional benefits to enlisting an online wellness coach on your journey to health and happiness. Our wellness coaches will help you:

  • Create a plan of care
  • Manage and set your goals
  • Pursue activities that are healthy
  • Track your overall progress

As an added bonus, you will notice that your life changes for the better as you realize that you are:

Do not be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. All good things are worth waiting for and, since your health will carry you through the rest of your life, it deserves your attention. While some of your goals may only take a month to reach, others will take considerably longer.

No matter the time necessary, your Green Physique online wellness coach will be there with you every step of the way. Give us a call today at (470) 604-0038 to schedule an appointment and say hello to a new you! Or go to our online services section and get started today.