Green Physique Online Wellness Store

Choose which inclusive program works best for you.  Don't see something that suits your needs?  Contact us and let us create a program just for you.

Become a Member

For just $50 per month you will get a custom workout and nutrition plan.  You will be given access to our members only area. Click here for more details.

One on One Online Training

Just like at the gym, but from the convenience of your own home.  After our initial consultation I will develop a program based on the equipment, or lack of equipment, that you have.  We can use Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, or any other service that you prefer.  Per hour rate applies.  Contact us for pricing and more details.

Catholic Fitness Training

Personal fitness training for Catholics is much like any personal training program, we are going to focus on your overall health and wellness, but the big difference is we are going to bring God into your workout.

We will combine Jesus with your physical self.

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Ultimate Wellness Package

For those of you who want a complete life-changing experience.   This program includes a complete workout program, complete nutritional program, it also includes a daily mindfulness program, that is also customized specifically for your needs.  In this program accountability is taken to a new level, you will have weekly scheduled calls with Tim, and Tim will proactively contact you every day or two just to make sure you are staying on track.  You will have free access to his members only section with workout videos and meal prep.  After you sign up, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to set up your first appointment with Tim and given instructions on filling out your intake form. All of this for $800 per month, you may cancel at any time and results are guaranteed!

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Golf Wellness

Green Physique's Golf Wellness program is the only fully-inclusive, immersive, and specialized training program developed to enhance your ability to generate speed, power, and accuracy all while getting in the best shape of your life?

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