Ball Strike Chest Press

The Ball Strike Chest Press is one of my favorite power and speed exercises.  When you get this one right, you know it, and at that moment you realize just how much this exercise can help your swing.

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Primary Muscles Used

Standing Row Muscles Used

Ball Strike Chest Press Instructions

  • Use a heavy exercise band and anchor almost directly above you.
    • I am using 2 RIP trainer bands attached to a handle.
  • Step forward slightly and hip hinge forward.
  • Rotate your torso back towards the anchor point of the band.
  • When your torso is at the back position, begin the striking motion by driving your lead leg up, using both your glute and quad.
  • As your leg is driving up, begin to drive you hand down by pulling with your abs to rotate your torso, and pushing with your chest and shoulder.
  • When your arm is straight and your torso is rotated opposite the starting position, begin to rotate the other way to return to start position.
  • Repeat.

This is an explosive movement, it is not meant to mimic your swing exactly, it is designed to increase your speed and power in the rotational plane, so go as fast as you can without causing injury.

    Full Speed

    hit the golf ball further

    Slow Motion

    Golf Fitness Exercise

    Tim's list of benefits for the Ball Strike Chest Press

    • Great full body explosive exercise for overall power.
    • Similar to the ball slam, this exercise teaches your body how to increase downward speed in the upper body by increasing upward thrust with the lower body.

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