Weighted Quarter Swing at Ball Strike

The Weighted Quarter Swing at Ball Strike is a great overall power exercise.

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Weighted Quarter Swing at Ball Strike Instructions

  • Use the TRX Rip Trainer and choose a band that is heavy for you.
  • Anchor as high as possible.
  • Shorten the band by wrapping it around the anchor point a few times, or by doubling it up.
  1. Grab the handle with a golf-like grip.
  2. Start with your hands in a ball address position.
  3. Bring the handle back (back swing) so it is about even with your shoulders and bend your knees getting pretty low.
  4. Keep your weight evenly distributed on both legs.
  5. Slightly transfer a little more weight to your lead leg.
  6. Right at the moment of weight transfer, explosively bring your hands down towards ball strike position, at the same time explosively straighten your lead leg pushing your hip on the lead side back slightly, creating stretch in your torso.
  7. Make sure you tighten your abs and pull your torso towards the front while your lower body is exploding up and your upper body is driving down.
  8. Slowly bring your arms back to starting position and repeat.
  9. Switch sides and repeat.

Full Speed

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Slow Motion

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Tim's list of benefits for the Weighted Quarter Swing at Ball Strike

  • Great full body explosive exercise for overall power.
  • Much like the ball slam, this exercise is important for teaching you body how to gain downward swing speed by pushing up with your legs.
  • This exercise helps with shoulder rotation and mobility.

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