Personal Trainer Bonita

When Jane first came in to see me she was very depressed. She had been on just about every fad diet out there. Jane would always lose some weight, but within a matter of weeks she was off the weight-loss-wagon again and back to her old habits.

After we performed her initial intake, we discovered that there was a deep rooted depression in her life, not because of her weight, but a deeper issue.

Together we worked on her depression in a healthy and natural way. Her eating problems were a result of her depression, not the other way around.

She combined mindfulness meditation into her daily practices, which was a big help in the process.

Because she was dealing with depression I knew that her diet would have to be very sustainable, complete opposite of most of the fad diets out there.

As I do all of my clients, I had her journal a few sample days of her food intake, from there I made small modifications about every 2-3 weeks.

By making small modifications, she never really noticed a big change to what she enjoyed eating. I gave her recipes that were very similar to the foods that she currently loves, so she never felt deprived.

Because emotional eating was preventing her weight loss, accountability played a huge role in progress.

Together we decided that a food journal would work best for her, she had to write down everything that she ate. And at the end of each week we went through it together.

This made her think about and make a conscious decision before eating anything.

I also set her up with personal training, she came in 3 times a week and worked one-on-one with me.

In ten months Jane had made a complete turn around. She was happy and had lost 127 pounds.

Personal Trainer Bonita

It has been a couple years, and I still meet with Jane every couple months just to go over everything and make sure that she stays on her path.

She maintains a very healthy lifestyle to this day.

She has changed her life, in more ways than one.

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