If you live or work in Bonita Springs and are looking for a weight loss coach and personal trainer, you will find them with Tim Shevlin from the Green Physique. We’ll teach you how to eat right and exercise correctly, and help you understand the various aspects of fitness, from nutrition to mobility.

Weight Loss Personal Trainer Bonita SpringsOwner Tim Shevlin is the primary personal trainer at the Green Physique originated in Matlacha, Florida. As a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Exercise Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group Facilitator and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor, he and his staff offer a variety of holistic personal training solutions that will train your whole being to better optimize your health and your life.

Top 7 Reasons You May Need a Personal Trainer

  • Weight Loss: The main reason people hire a personal trainer is to lose weight and get into shape. Why? Because it works! A personal trainer can keep you on track and help you realize your goals. Instead of wasting your time with diets that don’t work, a personal trainer will create a plan just for you and can help you get better results in less time.
  • Better Health: Being healthy should be fun. If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and motivated to make changes, a personal trainer will discuss your medical history, current eating habits, food preferences, daily activities, overall lifestyle and personal goals, and get you started on a fresh, new and sustainable approach to nutrition.
  • Motivation: It’s easy to get busy with everyday life and lose the motivation to stick with a consistent exercise program, but this can quickly derail your weight loss objectives. Certified personal trainers can provide the structure and accountability you need, and help you develop a lifestyle that encourages better nutrition and fitness.
  • Personalized Program: If you have chronic health conditions or injuries, your personal trainer will work with you and your doctor(s) to plan a safe program that takes your needs into consideration and enables you to reach your health goals.
  • Improve Technical Skills: If you are an athlete, a personal trainer can help you enhance your skills by showing you new training techniques for your specific sport that will improve your strength and endurance as well as your mental focus and agility.
  • Workout Safely: Most of us tend to ignore the subtle signals our bodies send. We either give up too soon or push through pain. A personal trainer can watch what you are doing while you are doing it and push you or slow you down as necessary.
  • Workout at Home: If you’re not interested in going to a gym but don’t know how to exercise on your own at home, your personal trainer will bring the necessary equipment and customize workouts for you right in your living room. This is a great option for people who prefer complete privacy or are mobility restricted.

Hiring a weight loss coach and personal trainer in the Bonita Springs area is a great step toward meeting and maintaining your health and fitness goals. Tim Shevlin and the Green Physique can teach you how to eat healthily and confidently for life. Call us at (470) 604-0038for a free consultation! Or check out our online services and get fit no matter where you are.