Nutrition for Addiction Recovery

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"Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food"Hippocrates

What we eat plays a huge role in how we look and feel.  Eating a diet of fresh and unprocessed foods has been shown to decrease body fat, increase cellular efficiency, decrease inflammation, decrease the risk of disease, increase energy, proper brain function... the list goes on and on, research shows that our gut health plays a vital role in our feeling of well-being.  It should reason that if food plays such a huge role in the rest of our lives, why shouldn't we focus on nutrition for addiction recovery.

If our bodies work better and feel better when we are eating the right foods, then why have we neglected the nutrition part of addiction recovery?

Tim Shevlin is a recovering drug addict, and has been to over 8 different drug treatment centers as a patient.  He has been to just as many detox centers and the nutrition part of the process, according to him, is non-existent!  Tim says "everyone is given a standard B1 vitamin and the focus on health and nutrition ends there, most of the food is junk, everyone is given candy, even the centers that have a nutritionist have no clue what they are doing".  Tim has visited some of the best drug addiction treatment centers in the country, and the focus on nutrition is never there.

What is proper nutrition for addiction recovery?

There are 3 stages to finding the proper nutrition for addiction recovery

  1. The first stage is detox.  We understand that the primary focus is keeping the addict in early recovery safe while coming off their drug(s).  But that doesn't mean that should be the only focus.  Most chemically dependent individuals have completely starved their body of nutrients, and due to the drug usage have actually used up or expelled any extra minerals and nutrients that they had stored.  Our goal is to show you how to reintroduce these minerals and nutrients into their system to speed up the healing process.
  2. Next is early recovery in a treatment center or at home.  The individuals body is still going to be starved for these vital minerals and nutrients, and by giving their body what it needs, their brain function, feeling of well-being, and overall health will increase must faster than the traditional method.  Giving the person in early recovery the proper nutrition for addiction recovery is very important at this stage.  If the individual eats and is supplemented with the proper nutrition during this time, diagnosis of mental health disorders will be easier, the patient will be able to focus better, there will be less erratic behavior, and the patient will be able to learn and retain more.
  3. In this final stage of the process the client learns how to eat properly, they learn the benefits of proper nutrition, they learn the importance of planning instead of just eating.  This is an ongoing stage with accountability and updates.  Keeping the client in a healthy mindset, with the proper nutrition will help their recovery as much as any other program would.

It is time to increase the success rate of recovery.  There has been a vital part that has been left out of the process, and that is finding the proper nutrition for addiction recovery.

We have it for you!  Contact us through this link and we will get in touch with your shortly and get you started on the road to recovery.  whether you are a rehab facility, a loving parent or spouse, or you yourself are in the grips of addiction, together we can help you find success.

If you are a drug rehab or process rehab facility and would like to speak more about implementing this strategy and increasing the recovery rate of your patients contact us or call us directly at (470) 604-0038.

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