Back Row with TRX Straps

On top of Stone Mountain, all covered with sweat, I lost my old body fat, when somebody performed the back row using the TRX suspension straps.  I hope that in your mind you were singing the song "On top of Old Smokey" by Burl Ives.  It's a fun song to sing, and if you are having fun during your workout, then you will probably keep working out.  By working out anywhere you want, like doing TRX back rows on top of Stone Mountain, you can choose your view, and have a great time working out.  Would you workout everyday with that view if you could?

TRX Back Row

Primary Muscles Used

Back row Muscles Used

Back Row with TRX Straps Instructions

  • Anchor the TRX suspension trainer to a tree, a rock, lamppost, or anything secure that is just above head level.
  1. Grab the handles with an neutral grip, straiten your arms and walk back until the TRX is tight.
  2. Take a couple steps forward so your body is leaning at 30-45 degrees.  The farther back you lean, the more difficult the exercise will be.
  3. While keeping your stomach tight and back strait pull so the handles finish just outside your chest.
  4. Keep your elbows in tight to your sides and imagine pulling with your elbows.
  5. Then slowly extend your arms back out in front of you.
  6. Repeat.
Back Row with TRX Straps

Tim's list of benefits for the TRX Back Row

  • The TRX Suspension Trainer allows for a natural motion of your arms, they are not limiting your bodies natural motion in any way.
  • This is another exercise that focuses on your upper back and will help you overcome or prevent the hunched over look that todays societal and work demands cause.
  • With the TRX straps you can perform this exercise anywhere, like on the top of a mountain.
  • This is a great exercise for increasing your feeling of well-being.  When you perform lifts using your bodyweight it gives you a positive feeling about yourself and your accomplishment.
  • When you workout outside you are able to get fresh air and build vitamin D from being in the sun, talk about a double dose of wellness.

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