Banded Glute Kickback

Glute strength is incredibly important for overall health.

Banded Glute Kickback

Primary Muscles Used

Glute Kickback Muscles Used

Banded Glute Kickback Instructions

  • Put the exercise mini band around your legs just above your knee.
  • Get down on all fours, tighten your core and straighten your back.
  1. Slowly raise one leg up by squeezing your glutes.
  2. Pause at the top.
  3. Slowly return to the start.
  4. Raise the other leg up by squeezing the glutes.
  5. Pause at the top.
  6. Return to the start.
  7. Repeat.
Glute kickback Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Banded Glute Kickback

  • Strengthening the glutes really help your overall health.
  • The banded glute kickbacks help with pelvic tilt strength.

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